Anonymous: There's been a lot of stuff said about s2 failing in many respects, and not living up to s1, and like a lack of focus and mishandled characters etc., and i was wondering how the writers could make up for it? Like i love the show, but at this point i can see so many ways for it to just dive off a cliff, i mean John and graeme have the opportunity to make it awesome again but i'm just really worried.


I don’t know why everyone is suddenly so worried??????

Honestly I could write like 500 pages about all the ways Season 3 could go right. It’s easy to be worried about all the glaring potholes we could hit (and there are quite a few that I’m rather passionate about avoiding), but why are we doubting the writers, guys? Why?

Like, I understand that Season 2 couldn’t fit everything you want this show to address. I get it. But, we’ve only got ten episodes and those ten episodes have to fit in a very rigid network tv format.

I mean, did the consent themes this year DISAPPOINT you? Did that flawlessly plotted mirror twins plot NOT impress you? Did you HATE the development of the Sarah/Cosima relationship? Was Delphine’s hair game not on point? Did Rachel Duncan not make you shit your pants?

I just am not quite sure what else you expect out of this show, guys! I know you want character development, I know. But, trust me, the plot is just as important here. At 20 episodes, some shows have more time real estate at the end of their first season than we have going into Season 3. You gotta give the characters room to breathe. Otherwise, the growth feels forced.

So, take a breath, Clone Club. I’m sure it’s gonna be just fine.

Scotland’s plan to escape failed


I just convinced katyapryde to come over on sunday so I can show her the first season of orphan black hell yeah


Zhaan you beautiful blue bastard :’(

Regarding Scottish Independence voting…


The percentage tally so far, with 17 out of 32 local authority areas declared, is 56% for “No” versus 44% for “Yes”.

Not looking good apparently

now it’s 55/45

24/32 areas - 54% n 46% y

Regarding Scottish Independence voting…

The percentage tally so far, with 17 out of 32 local authority areas declared, is 56% for “No” versus 44% for “Yes”.

Not looking good apparently

I’ve been thinking about how season 2 of OB had a lot of elements of the fandom included - the puppy references, a trans clone, Cophine getting high etc. - with some references more vague than others, but in terms of how that affected the tone of the show, i know that for some people, those references and wishes somewhat deviated from what the show was in the first season. 

And i agree that this was certainly the season of distinct fan inclusion…but…i don’t think that is in danger of being the case in Season 3 (if they continued being so overt for much longer i feel like it would genuinely derail what the show IS and be more of they show they think we WANT).

So I think that Season 2 was the first chance the show had to respond directly to its audience. They wanted to show us that they knew about and recognised our passion as a fandom. Since Season 1 was without that connection, and as they’ve said many times that CloneClub - us - are the reason they got seen; they reason they have become so visible, and able to continue - they clearly took the chance to incorporate us into Orphan Black itself.

That’s super generous, for a show to do that, and we KNOW how lucky we are to have these guys. But Season 3, i think, will be closer to Season 1 in its emphasis on the long game and the broader story arcs that worked so well in Season 1, and i think now that they know their fanbase isn’t going anywhere, they can take the story to the places they wanted to take it without having to either re-assure us as an audience, or play with big fandom references in order to maintain our attention. They have it. And i just hope they continue on knowing that, and being as true to the show as possible.



Once I was walking home with some law school friends and they were like ”Why are you walking up that street your street is like three more streets up”

"Yeah but there’s a house on this street and sometimes their golden retriever naps in the sun on the sidewalk and I like to give him belly rubs"

Now all the law students walk up belly rub lane because law school is stressful and dogs rock

I bet that is the happiest dog


dayum, i’m on season 3 already. These seasons are like 22 eps each….



Found a show called Farscape on Netflix. Six minutes in and I’m shipping John and the fluffy-haired scientist so hard. Sadly I don’t think they’ll ever be together again, since John is getting sucked through a wormhole even as we speak…

omg, if you don’t know what to expect from this show, you are in for one HELL of a ride